Becoming a Member

Membership at Lifespring is a 4-Step process:

  • Step 1: Attend and complete CLASS 101 (2 hr class)
  • Step 2: Attend and complete New Membership Class (3.5 hr class)
  • Step 3: Complete the Membership Application after taking NMC
  • Step 4: Introduction to the church body during corporate Sunday worship service

Class 101: The first step in becoming a member is to take CLASS 101. Class 101 is a Bible Study on the Foundations of the Faith and is a prerequisite for our New Membership Class.

New Membership Class: Our New Membership Class (NMC) will help you learn about our beliefs, history, mission and vision for the future. NMC is offered once every 4 months. In this 3.5-hour class, you’ll meet staff, other members, and discover more about Lifespring.