Lifespring Studies + Baptism

We offer various classes and short-term Bible Studies periodically throughout the year. We are always in the process of forming many more classes for your spiritual development and growth. All classes are announced in the Sunday program when offered.

DLT – Discipleship and Leadership Training: DLT is a 13-week long intense discipleship training course taught by our Sr. Pastor, Dr. James Byun. This class is also the means to raising up coaches (community group leaders) for all our community groups. There is a formal nomination process for DLT.

LSC Studies (various classes offered):

There are a variety of classes offered periodically throughout the year. Some classes are topical based on theological information, whereas some are physical, such as fitness classes. Please note that some classes have pre-requisites.

Class 101: Foundations of Faith
Class 109: Fitness
Class 201: Spiritual Maturity
Class 305: IPT (Intercessory Prayer Team)

How to get baptized at Lifespring:

We offer baptism services periodically throughout the year.  Baptism services are a powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness and redemption for us.  Baptism is necessary for Christian obedience and is vital to growth in your Christian walk.  The mode of baptism at Lifespring Church is immersion baptism (full water baptism).

Our prayer is that God will make this act of obedience a lasting memory and a powerful testimony to others as you follow Christ in believer’s baptism. Baptism applications can be found in our church cafe; baptism services are offered periodically throughout the year.