Community Groups

When you become a Christian, you commit yourself to Christ. However, you only become a part of Christ’s church by committing yourself to other believers. This is done through community groups. Community groups are not a trend or a fad. They are God’s plan for His church. It was established before the birth of Jesus with the various tribes of Israel, reconfirmed through the life of Jesus and further stressed after the death and resurrection of Jesus through the early churches in Acts.

What is a community group?

At LSC, community groups are comprised of either Married/Parents or College/Singles, a group of people who meet weekly to build close relationships with God and one another. They enable our church to grow larger by growing smaller.

Why should I belong to a community group?

Being in a community group best enables you to grow to full devotion to Jesus Christ. Why? Because here you’re surrounded by friendly caring people who truly care for you and will challenge you to deepen your relationship with God. God created us to be in community with others.

What does a community group look like?

It looks like a group of friends – friends who share the most important things in life – their faith in God, their values, their time and a commitment to living for Jesus Christ.

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